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St. Joseph Church ~ St. Peter Church ~ Parish Office St. Max School

Weekday Liturgies

Monday Communion Service: 8:30am at St. Joseph’s*
Tuesday Night Mass: 6:00pm at St. Joseph's
Wednesday – Thursday: 8:30am at St. Joseph’s
Friday - Children's and School Mass***: 8:30am at St. Joseph's

Weekend Liturgies

Saturday: 5:00pm at St. Joseph's
Sunday: 8:00am at St. Peter's**
Sunday: 10:30am at St. Peter's
*St. Joseph's Church is air conditioned in the summer months.
**St. Peter's Church and St. Joseph's Church are wheelchair accessible.
***All Weekday Masses will be held at St. Joseph's when school is not in session. Tuesday and Friday Mass will return to St. Peter's starting September 7.

First Saturday Mass and Devotion

On the 1st Saturday of every month. Reconciliation is at 8:00am and Mass is at 8:30am at St. Joseph's
More information on this devotion can be found here: The Rosary Center


Tuesday: 5:00pm at St. Peter's
Thursday: 8:00am at St. Joseph's and 9:00am after Mass
Saturday: 4:00pm before Mass at St. Joseph's
Anytime: By Appointment (email

Eucharistic Adoration

Monday - Friday: 5:30 am - 2:00 pm*

* During the school year Adoration moves to St. Peter’s Church starting at 9 am on Fridays and concludes with Benediction at 2 pm

The Adoration Chapel is located at the back South Entrance of the Parish Office (Door #3)

Please contact the Parish Office for a security code.

If you would like to commit to an hour each week, click here or call the parish office for more information.

Holy Days of Obligation (HDO) and Special Feasts
For Liturgical Calendar 2017

January 1: Mary, Mother of God (HDO)
January 8: Epiphany
March 1: Ash Wednesday
March 5: First Sunday of Lent
April 9: Palm Sunday
April 13: Holy Thursday
April 14: Good Friday
April 15: Easter Vigil
April 16: Easter Sunday (HDO)
May 28: The Ascension of the Lord (HDO)
June 4: Pentecost
August 15: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (HDO)
November 1: All Saints' Day (HDO)
December 3: First Sunday of Advent
December 8: The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (HDO)
December 25: Christmas (HDO)
Every Sunday (HDO)