Room Request and Special Events Rental Application

We are happy to open up our facilities to our ministries and the community. Please see the below forms for more information and fill out the Room Request/Rental Application form at the bottom of this page to request a reservation of a time and date for space.

1) Facility Usage FAQ – Find out if you need to fill out an additional usage agreement, if your event is parish/school sponsored and if you need to provide a certificate of insurance.

2) Facilities Usage Guidelines – All people using our spaces must abide by our usage guidelines

3) Facilities Renter Usage Agreement – Needed for all events not sponsored by Parish

4) Application for Special Events Coverage – Required if you are renting the space and do not have a certificate of insurance for us.

5) Building Security Supervisor Responsibilities – All events require a Building Security Supervisor to be on site at all times.

6) Incident Report Form – If anyone gets hurt during an event, this form is needed to be filled out.