Stewardship at St. Max

Stewardship Mission:

To joyfully and courageously live the words of Jesus by ministering to His Church and His people!

Stewardship Prayer:

Let us bring ourselves into the presence of the Lord.
We are called to embark on a new chapter in our faith.
As we answer your invitation to stewardship, we ask for your guidance in this journey of love and labor.
We ask for our hearts to respect and love one another and be companions in your service.
We ask for the insight to know the scriptures and the precepts of the Church as we plan for the future, both earthly and eternal.
Just as you gave the ultimate sacrifice, we vow to sacrifice our personal gain for the good of our parish community and for the reward of eternal life.
We thank you, dear Lord, for being with us today to strengthen our resolve to be good and faithful stewards of our faith.

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is a way of life. A personal commitment to diligently care for the spiritual, human, and material resources of the parish of St. Maximilian Kolbe by the generous sharing of time, talent, and treasure.

In the deep sense that is inherent in our baptismal promise, as Christian stewards we commit to receive God’s gifts gratefully and graciously, to nurture and grow them responsibly, to share them lovingly, and return them fully to the Lord.

Stewardship is the primary step to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is a conversion—a turning of one’s heart and mind away from one’s self and towards God and others. It is an opportunity. It is a faith response!

At the Parish of St. Maximilian Kolbe, we ask all parishioner to engage in 3 distinct movements of discipleship:

  • Invite
  • Get Involved
  • Equip others to foster authentic Stewardship

A Welcoming Environment:

Invitation to become a Disciple.

By creating a safe, welcoming, & dynamic environment, we invite visitors and parishioners alike to feel comfortable beginning to discern their role in the body of Christ.

Initiatives such as our welcome packets & Parish Life activities aim to invite people to become disciples.  

Get Involved:

A Disciple’s Response

Once someone has accepted the invitation to become a disciple, they are immediately encouraged to get involved.

With many ministries, discipleship opportunities abound.  CLICK HERE to get started.

Equipping Ministry Leaders and Parishioners:

Disciples making Disciples

Finally, part of a disciple’s response is going out and making more disciples (Matthew 28:19). Thus, it is a priority for us to ensure our ministry leaders and eventually all our parishioners to have the tools and training they need to build up the body of Christ by empowering the faithful and engaging the world.  (Ephesians 4:11-12)

Join the Stewardship Team

If you would like to be a part of helping build a community of disciples, consider joining our Stewardship Committee.  Contact the Parish Office for more details. The stewardship committee is currently working on:

  • How the parish is helping people to grow in their serving, giving, caring
  • Creation of a stewardship brochure
  • Celebrating our stewardship successes
  • Creating strategies to increase involvement and relationships
  • Presenting opportunities year-round on stewardship for all ages
  • Personalizing giving so parishioners can see and pray for the impact of their gifts
  • Celebrating the generosity of our people