What Happens at Mass?

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered Daily and in a special way every Sunday and special Feast Days.

AT EVERY MASS we have God with us in a significant way. We are with Jesus at the Last Supper, at His Passion and Death on the Cross, and at His Resurrection and Ascension. We are with Him as He offers himself as a sacrifice to God our Father. We are with Him as He comes to give us his Body and Blood at this incredible meal.

God is so good that He does not want us to wait until we see Him in heaven before we eat at His table. He invites us to come now and eat the amazing Bread of Life, the Body and Blood of Christ, which He prepares for us. We humbly worship Him the way He has asked us to worship Him and show our dedication to making Him a priority in our Life.

The Mass begins with Introductory Rites. We speak to God in acts of contrition, praise and petition.

Then follows the Liturgy of the Word. We listen to what God says to us in the Readings, the Gospel and the Sermon.

The Liturgy of the Eucharist has three parts. (1) With the Priest we offer the bread and wine (Preparation of the Gifts). (2) At the consecration this bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ (Eucharistic Prayer). (3) In Holy Communion we receive Christ whom we love (Communion Rite). If you are not yet Catholic, we ask that you come up for a blessing crossing your arms and placing them on your shoulders. The mystery of the Eucharist is very important and therefore proper formation is needed before receiving Christ fully in the Sacrament. Please contact our priest about our RCIA process.

Mass ends with the blessing and the dismissal (Concluding Rite).

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