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Dear St. Maximilian Kolbe parish families,

My name is Andrew Zeisel and I am the new Director of Discipleship and Mission at St. Max.

I officially started at St. Max in the beginning of July and am very excited to be part of the St. Max family.  I can't wait to get to know you all and hear about your unique experiences of the faith. I hope that this upcoming year will find us all growing closer to Jesus and Holy Mother Church.

Two springs ago a committee of parents and past catechists was formed to focus on one goal: offering a dynamic faith initiative involving the entire family that focuses on joyfully living out our Catholic Faith and striving for Heaven.  The Journey Home Program was the end result.   My intentions for this year are to build upon the strengths of the Journey Home Program and to implement the feedback the Parish received about the Program.  Here are some important ideas for us all to keep in mind

  • The fundamental structure of Journey Home from last year will continue into the future.
  • The program will grow this year as covid-19 regulations are removed and your recommendations are implemented.
  • We are all currently on our journey home, to Heaven, thus all parishioners are invited to be a part of Journey Home. 
  • We are all currently at very unique moments of our journey home.  Keep this reality in mind as you read the rest of this document. 

Journey Home has one primary GOAL and one simple FOUNDATION.

  • The GOAL is for everyone to have a relationship with and grow in their relationship with Jesus and Holy Mother Church.
    • We are to relate with Jesus as savior and friend
    • We are to relate with Church as mother and teacher.
  • The foundation or basic building block to keep us moving in the right direction on our Journey Home can be detailed in four parts
    • Attendance at all Masses of obligation
    • Daily prayer life
    • Daily Christian living
    • Confession when we fail to achieve the above three.

The structure of Journey Home for the year (outlined below) can be understood within the context of the above stated goal and foundation.  We will offer

  • Journey Home Program – for everyone at the Parish
  • Journey Home Opportunities – various “not required” events, retreats, gatherings, etc with the goal of fostering growth in our relationship with Jesus and Church
  • Journey Home Sacraments – unique to those in sacramental years (2nd grade for 1st confession/Eucharist and 8th grade and up for confirmation).

We would like every family at St. Max (even households of just one or two) to sign up for the Journey Home email list, and to have a brief chat with me in the upcoming weeks to determine the best fit for your family within the above offerings, and how we can best serve you in growing your faith.

More details about the different portions of Journey Home will be shared via e-mail, on the website, and at the informational meetings on September 12th and 19th.

Thank you for taking time to read through this introductory letter.  Pray for me, please know that I am praying for you.

In Christ,

Through Mary

Andrew R. Zeisel

Discipleship and Mission Director

Sign Up Below (will be up to date starting September 1st)


  • Journey Home Registration 2021-2022 (Open to all parishioners at St. Max in Delano)

    It is very difficult to make an online form to properly match all possible household variations. Please fill out the form to the best of your abilities. If there is a required field that does not apply to your unique household please fill it with N/A. If you do not have children or are empty nesters use the "father's name" boxes for the husband/male in the home and the "mother's name" boxes for the wife/female in the home. There is a textbox at the bottom of the registration form in which you can provide St. Max with details about your household.

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  • Additional Questions

  • Fees & Payment

    $60 per household (to help cover costs of events/opportunities occurring throughout the course of the year, including materials, snacks, speakers, etc)


    $85 per household if you have a 1st Communion or Confirmation Student

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