Confirmation for Youth

The Archdiocese currently allows youth in grades 8-10 to receive confirmation.  In order to be confirmed through St. Max an individual must be a disciple of Jesus. This is defined as one who:

  • Attends Mass every Sunday

  • Prays every day (Has conversations with God(Lectio Divina, adoration, liturgy of the hours, praise, daily mass, devotions, etc))

  • Lives a Christian lifestyle (imitates Christ, relies on Christ, pursues virtue + avoids vice, shares Christ)

  • Goes to confession when they miss the mark (at least once a year but ideally at least once every 2 months)

Confirmation is a sacrament that gives a person the strength to be a soldier for Christ in the battle for their own soul and the souls of others.  A youth who is a disciple of Christ must desire to be his soldier in the epic battle that rages around us.   This will be evidenced by the above 4 bullet points.

In addition to the above fundamental necessity/requirement to receive confirmation one will also

  • Need a mentor

  • Need a confirmation saint

  • Attend a confirmation retreat

  • Meet with Andrew one on one to check-in and develop an intentional growth plan.


Confirmation for Adults

Occasionally, for various reasons, an individual has not been confirmed while in his/her childhood or youth.  Adults who are not yet confirmed are invited to call the parish office to make arrangements to celebrate this sacrament.