Bring Refreshed Love and Joy into Your Marriage!

Over time couples can fall into a rut. We take our spouse for granted and we forget how much we love each other. The 5-week Marriage in Christ Seminar gives practical suggestions to renew our love and put it into action.

Attending the Marriage in Christ seminar

Builds friendship and community

Provides support for your marriage

Teaches good habits that strengthen your marriage

Helps you recognize the action of the Holy Spirit in your marriage

Deepens your love and affection for your spouse

For recently married couples, the Marriage in Christ Seminar offers a foundation to build a strong marriage. You learn practical skills to build a marriage that stands the test of time. Your marriage can be a witness to God's love in today's culture!

When you attend the seminar, you will receive a Marriage in Christ Manual. It is easy to follow!

It is a daily guide for prayer, conversation and loving actions. In it you will find:

A step-by-step format for daily prayer together - different for each day.

Fun topics to discuss - things you used to talk about at the start of your marriage.

Simple, easy to do suggestions to show signs of your love.

All in as little as 20 minutes a day!

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