Young Family Night Out

Posted on April 05, 2019 in: Upcoming Events

Young Family Night Out

Join us for a Young Family Night Out. Start your weekend off early this Thursday night at Dave’s Town club from 5:30-8 meeting other families from the parish. Childcare is offered- so drop the kids off with our amazing sitters, then head to Dave’s and enjoy some uninterrupted adult time with other parish friends- new and old. It will be a very relaxed evening, come and go as you can!

The second floor party room is reserved at Dave’s. Sign up for childcare with Heather in the back of church after 10:30 mass- or call the parish office for babysitting details.

We hope lots of parents take advantage of this opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy some time away.

When:  April 11th 5:30-8 (Begin dropping off kids at 5:15)

Where:  Dave’s Town Club (Adults) Parish Youth Room at St. Joseph's (Children)

What: A gathering to meet enjoy the company of other parish adults with children

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