Litany In Time of Need

Posted on March 19, 2020 in: From the Pastor

Litany In Time of Need

Dear Parish Families,

Archbishop Hebda and Bishop Cozzens are urging all Catholic school students and their families, parish faith formation students and their families, teachers, and the entire Archdiocesan Catholic community to join them in praying daily the Litany in Time Need.  

A litany is a prayer that we can offer in any circumstance: when we are alone, at home together as a family, or gathered as a virtual community. In the face of all uncertainty, struggle and fear, this Litany is a real spiritual tool. It teaches our children that through prayer we can remain in relationship with God and each other. We remember that God—the only one who can truly help and save us—remains close. Our lives belong to him and we depend on him for all things.

This litany will be carried daily on Relevant Radio around 11:05 a.m. each day. Please tune-in and join us on AM 1330 or at You can also pray this Litany at any time of the day.

I am grateful for this uniquely powerful opportunity to act in solidarity through our united prayers for the sick, for those who care for the sick, for those who are alone, for the dead, and for the deliverance of the human family from sickness and evil.

 You may click on the following link to access this prayer: