What's Happening Around the Parish

Posted on May 14, 2020 in: From the Pastor

What's Happening Around the Parish

Here are some changes you may have noticed around or inside St. Peter's Church.    As we learn more from the Archdiocese about Phase II of gradually re-opening the churches to public Masses, we will be sure to let you know.    If you ever have a question about what's going on, please feel free to contact us!  Our email is and our phone number is 763-972-2077.

2 Entrances Closed to St. Peter’s Parking Lot

Due to the City of Delano repairing the sewer lines, roads, and sidewalks around St. Peter’s Church, the entrances to the parking lot off of Rockford Road and 2nd Street South have been closed.   Please use the entry/exit off of River Street to reach the parking lot.


Trees Cut Down

Several large trees around the campus of St. Peter’s Church were removed by the City of Delano on May 13th in preparation for the road and sewer line repair.   While it was a loss to see such large, beautiful trees cut down, it was necessary for the road repair and may have been a blessing in disguise as some of the trees were rotting extensively from within and a heavy wind could have blown one or more over causing major damage to buildings or parked vehicles.   We look forward to having a smooth road and a nice sidewalk within a couple of months.


Hymnals -- are in storage

In compliance with Archbishop Hebda’s list of  “Directives for Transitioning to Phase II” (of a phased approach back into having public date set on that yet), the red Worship hymnals have been removed from the churches and are temporarily being stored during the pandemic.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Feel free to bring a prayer book from home to use while praying in the church -- and take it back home with you.  No books, leaflets, or other such items should be left in the church.  Thank you.


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