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Posted on June 11, 2020 in: General News


We will soon be into week 3 of being back together for Masses and things have been going well.  THANK YOU for signing up for Mass and following our guidelines.

The Archdiocese announced this week that we can allow up to 50% capacity of our church in attendance (versus 25%); we are grateful more people can attend yet we will still need to utilize Sign Up Genius for the WEEKEND Masses.     

  • We will increase the number of households allowed on Saturday/Sunday Masses beginning June 20-21. 
    • Every OTHER pew (instead of every two pews) will remain open and clear.
    • We may seat a small household with 3 or less people at the end of each pew (with no more than 4 persons total in a pew), thus allowing 2 households to share a pew with ample social distancing space and allowing more families in the church.
  • If toward the end of each week we see that there is still room based on the number attending and our pew seating arrangements, we may increase the number of households allowed and post a notice of the increase on Facebook and in the Friday email blast.
  • If you are uncomfortable attending Mass, please remember that dispensation for the Sunday obligation is still given and you do not need to attend.   We will live stream the Sunday 8:30 am Mass on our Facebook page Parish Facebook Page

 A separate SignUp for each weekend will be created and posted each week on our website Parish Website   

For weekDAY Masses, no Sign Up will be required; if you are in good health and want to attend, you may.  

As with all Masses, we will continue to maintain our safe social distancing with having marked pews, directing people where to sit, distributing communion after Mass, and sanitizing the church as we have been doing.  Please continue to enter from the door off the rear parking lot.

As before, we realize that not everyone has Internet or email to see this message, so please pass the word along.  

If you have any questions, please contact the parish office via email at or by phone at 763-972-2077.  Thank you.