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OFFICE UPDATE: Who retired ~ What’s gone ~ I Don't Know who’s left

Posted on July 17, 2020 in: General News

OFFICE UPDATE:  Who retired ~ What’s gone ~ I Don't Know who’s left

The title sounds like an Abbott & Costello act and at times with all the changes over the past several months in our parish office, it may feel or look like one. Here are some of the recent changes to our Parish office team!

In June, Connie Botz retired 100%!  After working years in the office as administrative assistant and then transitioning to part-time then to some-time with the RCIA and Funeral program, she decided it was time to be a full-time grandmother and enjoy her retirement years.  We appreciate her years of service and wish her well. 

In July, Russ Nolan retired! Russ originally had planned to retire in July 2019, yet was asked to please stay for at least one year during the transition from Fr Nathan to Fr Kowalczyk.  The call to retirement was strong and the timing was right, so Russ retired July 10th and we wish him all the best.

KATHY CARLSON, while not 100% retired (thankfully), transitioned to ‘some time’ employment recently, and now manages only the Marriage Preparation program and reaches out to those desiring Pastoral Care. 

CATHERINE TAYLOR stepped in the office in January, taking over Connie’s administrative duties and Kathy’s liturgical and communication responsibilities.  Catherine and her family have been parishioners at St Max since 2008 and continue to serve in various ministries.  We are grateful for Catherine’s diverse expertise in communications and administrative work and are happy she is here.

In July, we welcomed TODD BULLOCK to our team as the new full-time Maintenance Supervisor.  Todd and his family have lived in Delano close to 25 years and are active members of our parish.   Todd brings years of experience to the position and a willingness to serve, and we are excited to have him on our team.

JILL ELLINGSON is Vice President of Lighthouse Strategic Solutions -- our new vendor for parish administrative needs, primarily human resources, legal, and insurance.  We look forward to working with Jill and will see her on campus generally one day per week, with the majority of work and interaction handled remotely.

The other folks in our office...FR KYLE KOWALCZYK (now Pastor), ERIC RUSSEK (whose titled morphed into Director of Parish & Family Life), and MARIE BAUMAN (Bookkeeper)...are still here, although some work more remotely than others.   And our other team members….DENNIS LANGDON (Custodian), KRISTIN DETLOFF (Bulletin Editor), ALEXA Gruber VAVRAS (newlywed Music Director), JANE SPECKEL (Cemetery Liaison), and JOE KITTOK and BRUCE BOWEN (Deacons)...add to our Parish office team.

So while changes abound, rest assured that a great group of people are on staff and are here to serve. Find our contact info at Parish Staff. Go Team!