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NEW MINISTRY - The Calling Tree

Posted on July 24, 2020 in: General News

NEW MINISTRY - The Calling Tree

In a world with social media, cell phones, e-mail, and Internet browsing, it can be easy and quick to disseminate information to people.  However, we are aware that some people are still without electronic means of communication.   With the rapidly changing scenarios and orders during the pandemic, mailing literature isn't cost effective or timely...the information in our bulletin is sometimes out of date by the time that even gets printed.

In an effort to reach those who do not have Internet access and keep them aware of what's going on at our parish, we are starting a "Calling Tree Ministry".

We are looking for friendly parishioners who are 'in the know'...that is, they attend daily Mass and hear updates and see what's posted, or they have Internet access and are following us on Facebook or reading our website announcements (like this one!)...who would like to reach out and call 3 parishioners who do not have access to our online information and give them a quick update.  We believe this will help bridge our communication gap  and has the potential to foster some really nice relationships in addition to just making someone's day by calling to say 'hello'.

BJ Ludwig, Chairperson of our Pastoral Council, is spearheading this ministry and would welcome your calls or texts at 612-201-6847 or emails at if you (a) would like to be a caller or (b) know someone in need of this ministry.   Please prayerfully consider helping with this Calling Tree Ministry or calling BJ to learn more about it.   A few minutes of your time could make a world of difference for someone.  Thank you.