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Is This a Weed?

Posted on July 30, 2020 in: General News

Is This a Weed?

Do you know a weed from a flower or plant?  Do you like to dig up weeds and work in the soil and make things tidy and nice-looking?

We've got quite a few weeds around our campuses and would love some more volunteers who enjoy working outside to come help make the church properties look even nicer.    There are weeds in the rocks around the parish office, in the rocks along the entrance to the parking lot from River Street, and in the rocks around the church and school.  There are weeds growing amongst the beautiful hostas that a volunteer planted near the parish office driveway and weeds in the paver stones by the chapel library.  (Yes, we have a library.)     

I pull some weeds periodically as I walk from the church to the office but as my husband will attest, he's happily planted a seed waiting for it to spring forth and blossom only to have me pull it up in its infancy as I thought it a weed.  (Sorry, Dan.)

So if you know a weed from a plant and you like to be outside -- without a mask -- and dig in the dirt and pull some weeds (or even spray should see the crabgrass growing!) call me in the Parish Office at 763-972-2077.  We will gladly have you come help make our church grounds look more beautiful.

Thank you!

Catherine :)