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School Mass - for Students & Staff Only

Posted on August 21, 2020 in: General News

School Mass - for Students & Staff Only

Beginning Friday, September 11th, daily Mass on Fridays will be at 8:30 AM and until further announced, the Mass will be limited to St. Max Kolbe school students and staff only.    While we would love to have anyone who wanted to attend Friday Mass come, for the safety of our students and staff (due to restrictions imposed with COVID-19), we must limit attendance.   Once we settle into a routine and can better assess the situation, we may open Mass to families of students and then the general public.   Any change will be announced.

If you desire to attend a Friday Mass nearby, the Church of St. Mary of Czestochowa has Mass at 8:30 AM; the church address is 1867 95th St SE, Delano.

Thank you for your cooperation as we safely welcome our students back to school and Mass.