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Financial Update - Thank You

Posted on August 21, 2020 in: General News

Financial Update - Thank You

Thank you for your continued generosity to our parish!  We recently concluded our fiscal year on June 30, 2020 and we are pleased to report that we exceeded our budget for general collections (Sunday envelopes & electronic withdrawals).  In addition, we exceeded our general collections for the prior year.  

St. Max Kolbe Parish Regular Collections (Sunday envelopes & electronic donations)

12 months ended 6/30/20 = $741,523

FY20 Budget = $705,190

12 months ended 6/30/19 = $736,697

We did see a significant dip in collections during the early months of COVID - March and April especially, but May and June were great months and helped us meet budget for the year.  Thank you for helping us maintain our collections during this challenging time.  A full financial report will be provided in October once we submit our annual report to the Archdiocese. 

We are also resuming monthly publication of collections in the bulletin starting with the Sept. 6th bulletin (to reflect July collections), then on the 3rd Sunday of the Month we will post for the previous month's collections, e.g., in the Sept. 20th bulletin we will post August collections.

Thank you again for your generosity; you really make a difference.