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Why all the names...?

Posted on September 17, 2020 in: General News

Why all the names...?

Ever wonder why Fr Kowalczyk lists "so many" names during the Eucharistic Prayer?  And why are those particular names stated?   

In doing my research, I found the short answer to be:  "During the Eucharistic Prayer I, before the consecration, the priest calls to mind all members of the Church, including the Saints in heaven, acknowledging we are all united in praise and worship of God. As the priest prays, he mentions some of these holy men and women by name. Appropriately, the first mentioned are Jesus’ mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his adopted father, Joseph. Then eleven of the Apostles and Saint Paul are listed, followed by five popes, a bishop, a deacon and five laymen. These Saints chosen gave special witness to the faith in their lives and some were involved in establishing local Christian communities throughout the world."

I found the answer in an online article, double-checked the facts with Fr K (yep, it's accurate), and am sharing the link here if you have an interest in learning more:  Who are the Saints in the Eucharistic Prayer

Next time you hear the names being announced during the Eucharistic Prayer, perhaps you'll find yourself uniting more fully with them as we celebrate together the beautiful mystery of the Mass....or you'll at least know why they are being included.

Wishing you peace and joy,