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Adoration: Closing Early on....?

Posted on September 18, 2020 in: General News

Adoration: Closing Early on....?

Generally, Eucharistic Adoration is open from noon on Sundays through 3:00 pm on Fridays.   

Sometimes we have to close early due to a funeral or other event taking place in the church; in those situations, we will do our best to update our Online Calendar timely so you can see the change in 'close time' for that date.     If time allows, we will also create a sign for the church door and post a notice to Facebook.

Some events are known weeks in advance, others are not.

If in doubt on whether adoration is open, your best bet is to check the online calendar or give us a call at 763-972-2077.

Thank you for coming to adore Christ!  All are welcome to enter the church.


PS   Adoration will close early on Friday, September 25 (at 8:30 am) due to a funeral later that day in the church.