Church Decorating -- is it calling you?

Posted on October 13, 2020 in: General News

Church Decorating -- is it calling you?

As you may recall, John & Linda Metz 'retired' earlier this year from their many years of volunteering to decorate St. Peter's Church leaving large shoes to fill.   

Renae Schleisman, for the past 10 years, has helped Shirley Eggersgluss beautifully decorate St. Joseph's Church.   With St. Joseph's currently not in use, Renae stepped in for the last several months to decorate St Peter's Church - THANK YOU!

As with the leaves on the trees, things come to an end...and so it is with Renae's decorating.  We SO appreciate all the years Renae put into this ministry, and we are grateful she is going to remain with us as a parishioner, adorer, and looking after the St Max shrine candles.  THANK YOU, again!

Sara Triplett has volunteered to temporarily assist with decorating at St. Peter's Church, yet her desire to volunteer lies in other areas, so we are looking to put together a TEAM of people who'd like to help change out the decorations within the church.  (Obviously not like the image I used for this article LOL)

If you love to decorate, have an eye for colors and layouts, and are good working as a team player, please give our office a call at 763-972-2077 or email us at  We have some wonderful past decorators who'd be happy to share what they've done so the transition should go very well!   You can even choose which 'season' you'd like to decorate -- lots of options!


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