Raffle Update 8/5/22 - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Posted on August 05, 2022 in: General News

Raffle Update 8/5/22 - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Hello St Max parishioners and friends!

Only ONE week until our feast day picnic and raffle drawing!

I'm wondering....WHERE ARE THE TICKETS?   ;)

Here's where we are at money-wise:

  • Our goal for the raffle:  $40,000
    • $28,000 of that amount is needed for general operating expenses
  • Collected to date:  $15,405
  • $24,595 remaining to goal.....or $12,595 just to budget!

Here's where we are at ticket-wise:

  • We started with 8,000 tickets (8,000 x $5 each = $40,000)
  • 400 envelopes for families (with 20 tickets each) were created
    • 325 families picked up their envelopes ...THANK YOU!!
    • 75 envelopes remain unclaimed (1500 tickets) + another 56 tickets were returned unsold
      • So we have 1,556 tickets still in the office 
  • We've received back 3,081 tickets sold 
  • 3081 sold + 1556 unsold here = 4,637 known whereabouts
  • 8000 total - 4637 known= 3,363 tickets STILL OUT THERE...which x $5 is $16,815   

Where are those tickets?  :) 

If we can collect that remaining $16,815 out there, add that to collected to date $15,405, we will have done a great job gathering in $32,220 for our parish!

We will accept tickets all the way up to the drawing at 1:00 pm (okay, until 12:55 pm) on Sunday August 14 at our feast day picnic, so please sell your tickets and return them with the funds (if you haven't already) to our church office.   

If you'd like to sell more, 

simply stop by the office OR print and complete the Order Form available here, then send it to us with the payment and we will fill out the stubs for you!   

Or if you'd like to make a one-time tax deductible donation toward the fund,

click here to do it online or contact Marie in our bookkeeping office at 763.972.2077 x 106.  (From the link, click General Collection, One-Time, enter your information, on the next page there is a Comments section where you can type Raffle Fund.)

Thank you for being part of our awesome parish.  See you at the picnic on August 14! 


Communications & Engagement Director