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Unbound - Archdiocesan Prayer Ministry

Posted on November 06, 2020 in: General News

Unbound - Archdiocesan Prayer Ministry

Are you feeling heavy, weighed down with troubles or worries?

Do the same heavy thoughts, fears or feelings keep returning?

We are fortunate our Archdiocese has prayer teams trained in a ministry formed on the Unbound model of prayer.

This prayer is a form of healing and deliverance, and is based on Neal Lozano's Five Keys to Freedom. It helps us heal from past wounds and lies that may keep us from living in Joy.

Our Archdiocese has several churches trained in this Archdiocesian Prayer Ministry including our Church of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

You can read more about this ministry and see a brochure on our St. Max website in the Prayer Ministry tile (click here); a phone number and email is provided if you'd like to find out more information including other churches in our diocese that offer this form of prayer.    All inquiries are kept confidential.