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Select Your Pew for Christmas

Posted on November 26, 2020 in: General News

Select Your Pew for Christmas

Would you like to be able to pick where in the church to sit at a Christmas Mass?  

Perhaps come just 5-10 minutes before Mass starts and walk right to a pew reserved for you, rather than arrive 30+minutes beforehand (with maybe even young ones in tow who don't have the patience for an extra 30 minues wait time?)

You possibly can!

Without the Harvest Festival this year, we missed our annual Silent Auction which included bidding on "saved seats" (2 pews) for Christmas Mass. To counter that, we've come up with "Bid A Pew".

With Bid A Pew, you decide what donation amount you'd like to make (AKA, your bid ) to be able to select the pew of your choice at any Christmas Mass -- perhaps up front, or in the middle, or far back -- the choice is yours.  The top 2 bids per Mass will get to select the pew # of their choice (with the exception of the one reserved for live-streaming) -- the whole pew, or half a pew depending on number attending.   

Donations benefit our general fund.   Any bid amount is acceptable....yet, the two highest bid amounts per Mass will be accepted and declared the winners.  (If there is a tie, a drawing will be done.)

Join in the fun!

If you'd like to participate in this fundraiser, please send us your written offer by 10 am on December 10; e-mails acceptable (

Winners will be contacted on December 11.