Women's Lenten Retreat-February 27

Posted on February 12, 2021 in: Upcoming Events

Women's Lenten Retreat-February 27

Women's Lenten Retreat


Lent 2021

Love and Hope in God's Mercy


Times are trying and the world does not give us reason for much hope or comfort. God's ocean of mercy and love is abundant. Come and rest in His vast ocean in this time of reflection.


9:00 am- Mass

10:00 am-Fr. Kowalczyk-reflection

10:30 am-Adoration and Confession

11:30 am Sharing

Retreat will take place on the St. Peter Campus in St. Martha Hall and St. Peter Church


In this time of COVID we need you to RSVP to us so we can set the room appropriately.
Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

COVID cleaning and mask wearing protocols are in place. 


RSVP to  or 763-972-2077 x 251