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UPDATE: 40 for 40 Spotlight: Altars

Posted on April 02, 2021 in: General News

UPDATE: 40 for 40 Spotlight: Altars

As we mentioned last week, Father K's wish for his recent birthday was to purchase some new vestments for the parish and to repair and repaint the high and side altars at St Peter's. 

We previously shared how much good quality vestments cost (around $3500+ for a set), and in this update, we want to turn attention to the other "40 for 40" need which is the repair and repainting of the altars. 

From a distance the altars may look fine, yet up close and under the altar cloths, one can see the paint peeling and chipping, and caulk cracking in the seams (see photos below); repair and repainting of these items are in the thousands of dollars as well.  

With Father K's 40th birthday on April 5th, we thought it a great opportunity to show our appreciation for our pastor (and our parish) and give glory to God through adding more beauty to our liturgical setting.

We are trying to raise $40,000 for his 40th...."40 for 40".    

You can donate online or by check -- just make your gift payable to The Church of St Maximilian Kolbe and note in the Memo line: 40 for 40 (or Liturgical Fund).

We are thankful for our beautiful churches and for Father K being here; we wish him many more healthy, happy years serving the Lord and our parish.

3 photos below:


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