The RESCUE Project - Spring HOME SERIES!

Posted on March 03, 2023 in: General News

The RESCUE Project - Spring HOME SERIES!

The RESCUE project - Spring 2023 in the Home

"I never understood the depth of God's love for me, even in my brokenness. Rescue brought this home to me."
"Fr. Riccardo did an amazing job with the videos and making the information presented so relatable to really feel loved by God and what our purpose is."

 past participants

Why is there something rather than nothing?
Why is everything so messed up?
What, if anything, has God done about it?
What is my role in this?

Come learn the answers in a way you never heard before -- the RESCUE Project 

What is Rescue?

The Rescue Project teaches the gospel — the good news — in a compelling, succinct, and beautiful way that most people have not heard before. Developed by Fr. John Riccardo and his team at ActsXXIX, the program is taught over a series of weeks.

Our "home edition" of the Rescue Project will take place in different homes and on different days and times around town. It will begin the week after Easter and conclude with an All-Rescue Retreat on Saturday, June 3 at the church. Groups will meet once weekly during that time period, and each time will include food, a video, and time for prayer and conversation. Sign up for the site closest to you, or that offers the most convenient time. Your host will contact you by Flocknote after sign ups are complete.

The hosts are:

  • Rose and Aaron Rodriguez, Mondays at 6:30pm in their home near the Delano High School.
  • Sheila Merz on Tuesdays at 1pm on CR 16 just south of Delano.
  • Kathy Carlson will host on Tuesdays at 6:30pm just off of CR 16 in the new Liberty Landing neighborhood.
  • Angel and Terrence Royce will host on Wednesdays at 5:45pm in Waverly.
  • Troy & Tryphenia Strand will host on Wednesdays at 6:15pm in Rockford.
  • Sharon Farniok will host on Thursdays at 9am just south of Delano.
  • Sara and Keith Triplett will host on Thursdays at 6pm just off the Hwy 12/ CR 92 roundabout.
  • Ryan Spellman will host on Fridays at 7pm in the Parkview Hills neighborhood off CR 16.

Click this SIGN UP LINK to choose the home that works best for you; space is limited so sign up soon.

There is no charge to attend.

Why Rescue?

The world is full of goodness — and despair; people are hurting, confused, overwhelmed, and seeking answers.  People long for something — and Rescue knows what that something is and how to share it with others. We believe an urgent task is the compelling proclamation of the gospel, one that not only shares it in an attractive – and concentrated – way, but that also offers people a way of making sense of the world that is vastly different from the story our modern culture tells. 

Who's it for?

The Rescue Project is for anyone and everyone (7th grade and older). It appeals to those who have been walking with Jesus for years, those who have fallen away from the Church, as well as those for whom Jesus is only a figure in ancient history. You do not need to be Catholic or a parishioner of St. Max Kolbe to attend.

One minute trailer video here