Meet the Sustainability Council

Meagan Phillips, Secretary ~ “I joined the Sustainability Council because Jesus commanded us to love the Lord, our God with all our hearts, minds and souls. Since the earth and all the plants and creatures are a part of God’s creation, they are by extension part of God. If we are to fully love God, we must also fully love all of creation. Loving creation means caring for and respecting it. I feel called to be more fully in communion with God by caring for God’s amazing creation and making sure the earth is inhabitable for future generations.”

John Barten, Elected Representative ~  “I joined the sustainability council because I was inspired by Pope Francis to do more to help create the new environmental ethic that he calls for in his encyclical Laudato Si. I spent my working career in natural resources management and have always had a deep respect for and desire to protect the environment.  The Pope’s writings made me realize that what I always called the “environment” is really God’s creation and that we have a responsibility to be stewards of that creation. The sustainability council provides the opportunity to help our parish community become the stewards that the church is calling us to be.” 

Nikki Nau, Chair ~ “Laudato Si: On Care of Our Common Home inspires my heart as I seek a deeper connection with God, my creator. In nature, I connect with God. With God, my soul is filled with love. And with love, I am moved to charitable action in this world.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Sustainability Council because we work together to reflect on Pope Francis’ wisdom and bring forward practical ways to protect our earth.”

Jake Nau, Vice Chair ~ “I appreciate Pope Francis’ message that reflects our responsibility to protect the earth God gave us. I recognize the immediate need to protect the natural world so that it can begin to heal and will be available to support future generations. In my field of building science, there are many opportunities to save energy and resources. I want to share this information with our parish community.”

Jason Monke, Member  ~ “I joined the Sustainability Council because I believe that all of us are responsible for taking care of our common home.  I am very passionate about keeping our Earth clean for our future generations and making our world a better place through things that all of us can control.  I believe God has put me on this Earth to make a difference with all of these things and being on the Sustainability Council is a small thing I can do to help accomplish this.”